Lala Ivey - Creampied by the Robber 1
Lala Ivey - Creampied by the Robber 2

Lala Ivey is a hard working 19 yo. stripper. She has hustled at the club and earned enough to barely make her rent for the month. Unfortunately in her excitement she has forgotten to lock her apartment door. A robber sneaks in behind her and wants to take her hard earned money. She pleads to suck his cock if she can keep her money. He then bends her over the counter and fucks her from behind and creampies her. They then move to the couch where she rides his hard cock until he creampies her a second time. To make sure she seals the deal, she fucks the robber some more on the bed, and gets creampied a THIRD time! Better have lots of dick energy if you are gonna rob Lala! (running time 34:14)