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Makayla has come to interview with old Matt for a job babysitting his grandkids. She had heard he pays well but likes to play with his babysitters. She has never gotten sexual with an old guy before but decided the money is good enough to give it a try. After old Matt perves on her perky small tits, she experiences an older hard cock in her hands and mouth. To her surprise she is turned on by it and wants to fuck. After riding the old cock good and getting pounded doggystyle, old Matt can't hold back anymore and unloads his old man sperm in her tight little pussy in an oozing creampie. Makayla decides maybe old cock isn't so bad after all! (running time 22:45) Note: as with all of our UTR girls we do not show their faces publicly. If you purchase the full video, their beautiful faces are on camera as well as their hot bodies!

Lala Ivey and Lola Hunter - Babysitter 3some fun 1
Lala Ivey and Lola Hunter - Babysitter 3some fun 2

Lala Ivey and Lola Hunter have already had some hot girl-girl fun getting acquainted as babysitter for old Matt. They decide if they can convince Matt to let them work together by sucking and fucking his brains maybe they will get to have more fun. After they take turns sucking his cock and then riding it, old Matt pounds Lola doggystyle and creampies her. Lala then eats the cum out of Lola's tight little pussy. They then move to the bed where there is some hot 2 girl blowjob action and more fucking until Matt creampies Lala. Matt is so wore out from fucking the two hot babysitters, he can't help but agree to their proposal! (running time 30:12)

Lola Hunter - Old Cock in the Morning 1
Lola Hunter - Old Cock in the Morning 2

Lola Hunter has had a busy early morning babysitting old Matt's grandkids while he catches up on shuteye.  She gets some free time and decides she needs some old cock to get her day going.  So she gets naked and climbs in bed with him and wakes him up by playing with his cock.  To get fully awake he has some "breakfast" of teen babysitter pussy in his face.   She rides his old cock several ways as we get some great views thanks to camera girl Kiki.   Finally he pounds her doggystyle and then fucks her hard on her back until he fills her very tight little cunt with old man sperm in a very deep creampie.  Wouldn't you like to wake up to a naked babysitter playing with your cock?  (running time 29:08)

Andreanna & Kiki - Babysitter Fun 1
Andreanna & Kiki - Babysitter Fun 2

Andreanna Peace had been doing some babysitting work for old Matt so he decided to bring her over to meet his "daughter" Kiki Munroe.  She can't believe her daddy brought her a cute girl to play with so she wastes no time getting her naked and checking out Andreanna's hot little body. After fingering her and using a vibrator on her, Kiki gets herself off and they lay down for a little nap together on the couch.  Old Matt comes home from his business meeting and can't resist playing with naked Andreanna.  Kiki is not to be outdone and shows Andreanna how her daddy likes his cock sucked.  They both take turns on old Matt's cock before he blows his load all over both girls.  Everyone should have a babysitter playtoy like Andreanna! (running time 27:31)

Lola Hunter - Babysitter's Breeding Table Fantasy 1
Lola Hunter - Babysitter's Breeding Table Fantasy 2
Lola Hunter - Babysitter's Breeding Table Fantasy 3
Lola Hunter - Babysitter's Breeding Table Fantasy 4

Lola Hunter has had a long day babysitting old Matt's grandkids.   She finds Matt frustrated with some work on his computer.  So she makes a deal with him that she will help him with his computer if she can get some cock.   So after she wiggles on his lap and gets his cock hard, she eagerly gets naked so she can feel Matt's experienced tongue on her pussy.   Lola is ready to be fucked right there on the table and confesses that her fantasy is to be fucked on a "breeding table".   After fucking her in several positions on and around the table he unloads his old man sperm deep in her fertile pussy in a dripping creampie!  Think of Lola next time you see a dining room table!  (running time 31:17)

Ivy Winters - babysitter interview in all positions 1
Ivy Winters - babysitter interview in all positions 2
Ivy Winters - babysitter interview in all positions 3
Ivy Winters - babysitter interview in all positions 4

Ivy Winters has previously interviewed with old Matt for a babysitter position.  This time the old perve has Ivy come in for a second interview to prove she can compete with her competition for the job.  Ivy Winters shows what a good cumslut she really is as she sucks and fuck old Matt and takes his load while riding him.  After more pussy licking and fucking he gives her another load on her young tummy.  Ivy proves she is qualified as a babysitter and a cumslut!  (running time 47:36)

Mia Laymoor - Babysitter Interview

20.04.2016Mia Laymoor35:15 Minuten und 134 BilderOlder Man Younger Woman
Mia Laymoor  - Babysitter Interview 1
Mia Laymoor  - Babysitter Interview 2
Mia Laymoor  - Babysitter Interview 3
Mia Laymoor  - Babysitter Interview 4

Mia Laymoor is 19 yo. cutie interviewing for a babysitter job with old Matt.   She has heard that he likes to fuck his babysitters and she doesn't mind because she loves older cock.  She wastes no time sitting on his lap so he can perve on her.  After finger fucking her, she sucks his cock and is more than ready to get fucked.  After blowing his load on her tummy she is still ready for more.  He fucks her in several more positions until he blows a second load on her young tummy.  With her cute looks and gorgeous pussy lips, she wins the job easily. (Running time 35:15)

Lola Hunter - Babysitter Creampie 1
Lola Hunter - Babysitter Creampie 2
Lola Hunter - Babysitter Creampie 3
Lola Hunter - Babysitter Creampie 4

Lola Hunter is an 18 year old cutie from Nebraska who is going to college in Chicago.  She applies for a job taking care of old Matt's grandkids.   Little does he know that Lola has already talked to some of Matt's prebious babysitters and heard what an old perve he is.   She decides what could be better than to get paid well for babysitting and satisfy her curiosity about much older cock.   After wasting no time getting naked on Matt's lap and sucking his cock, she gets fucked in several positions before taking his sperm deep in her young pussy in a dripping creampie.   Everyone needs a babysitter like Lola Hunter! (running time 33:17)

Aubrey Lee - Naughty Babysitter Returns 1
Aubrey Lee - Naughty Babysitter Returns 2
Aubrey Lee - Naughty Babysitter Returns 3
Aubrey Lee - Naughty Babysitter Returns 4

Aubrey Lee is a young MILF who is going to college to better herself. All the young college guys hit on her but she realized that she really prefers much older cock.  So she comes back to visit old Matt who corrupted her into a naughty babysitter when she was just eighteen.   Matt's buddy John is over helping with some home maintenance but they both quickly decide fucking Aubrey would be more fun.  Aubrey quickly takes a liking to John's nice thick cock and spends lots of time sucking cock, licking cock and riding cock before taking his load on her tummy! (RUNNING TIME 45:58)

Lexi - Extra Service Babysitter

02.03.2015Lexi21:11 MinutenOlder Man Younger Woman
Lexi - Extra Service Babysitter 1
Lexi - Extra Service Babysitter 2
Lexi - Extra Service Babysitter 3
Lexi - Extra Service Babysitter 4

Lexi is a 19 year old petite cutie from Wisconsin.  She has done babysitting for old Matt before and actually liked the extra "services" that he expects.  Little does he know that when he arrives home she wants some of his old cock.  After sucking his cock she can't wait to feel his older experienced tongue on her young pussy.  After he has her writhing from a good pussy licking she is ready to ride his hard cock.   He finishes her off by laying her back on the bed for some good hard missionary pounding.  (running time 21:11)