Jazzmin - 18 yo. UTR girl first porn 1
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Jazzmin - 18 yo. UTR girl first porn 4

Jazzmin is a very cute 18 yo. from Wisconsin with a great body and gorgeous smile.  Like most girls her age, she has watched a lot of porn but never really thought about trying it.  But, I discovered that she had a great curiosity about fucking a much older guy.   So, I proposed to her that she have her first experience with an older guy on camera!  She was hesitant as she considers herself a "good girl" so I just promised not to plaster her pics all over the internet.  So here is Jazzmin in our UTR section, enjoy!   This girl was so much fun and cute with her wide smile and loud moans everytime I touched her pussy with my tongue or fingers.  She couldn't wait to get started trying older cock so she was naked and sucking my cock before the shoot even started!   Then after a long shoot of lots of sucking and fucking we kept going even after the cameras were turned off.  What a long night that was!  With a little coaxing, she may come back for more videos.  Let us know if you want to see more of her!  (running time 49:23)

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Redheaded slut Ava Little discovered she loves black cocks.  So she wanted to share a black cock with her good friend Taylor Gift.  They had a lot of fun giving two girl blowjobs to our guy before Taylor climbed on and rode the BBC hard.  We see some girl-girl pussy licking, more fucking and lots of sloppy cocksucking before he blows his load all over Ava's face.  Taylor wanted some cum too so she licked it off Ava's face! .      (running time 27:31)

Andreanna & Kiki - Babysitter Fun 1
Andreanna & Kiki - Babysitter Fun 2

Andreanna Peace had been doing some babysitting work for old Matt so he decided to bring her over to meet his "daughter" Kiki Munroe.  She can't believe her daddy brought her a cute girl to play with so she wastes no time getting her naked and checking out Andreanna's hot little body. After fingering her and using a vibrator on her, Kiki gets herself off and they lay down for a little nap together on the couch.  Old Matt comes home from his business meeting and can't resist playing with naked Andreanna.  Kiki is not to be outdone and shows Andreanna how her daddy likes his cock sucked.  They both take turns on old Matt's cock before he blows his load all over both girls.  Everyone should have a babysitter playtoy like Andreanna! (running time 27:31)

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14.07.2017 42:52 Minuten Older Man Younger Woman
Daisy -  Big Tit Creampie 1
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Daisy is a tall long-legged hottie with BIG natural tits who wanted nothing more than to take some pictures with her clothes off.  Once she was posing wih those big natural tits out, things really heated up and she did it all including some incredible oral action, titty fucking, and a huge creampie finish.  Wait till you she her long legs up in the air and spread wide taking a hard cock in almost every position possible until she gets creamed.     RUNNING TIME 42:52

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07.07.2017 38:06 Minuten Older Man Younger Woman
Dulce Cherry - My Creampie 1
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Dulce Cherry is a hot little piece of ass who grew up in New Jersey and this girl LOVES to take off her clotes.  Good thing for us, she's sporting a set of all natural 38D tits and it doesn't take her long to pull them out.  Once she gets her clothes off, she's ready to do it all.  Watch this big tit, curvy little slut suck and fuck her way to a creampie filling. (RUNNING TIME 38:06)

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Alex Chance happened to be at the NJ eXXXotica show with her 36DDD tits and we just could not resist but to get this big tit slut into a hotel room, get her tits out of her shirt, and get her sucking and fucking.  Alex show off her huge tits in this scene with lots of bouncing and great shots of her mammoth natural tits while she gets fucked and used into a messy creampie (RUNNING TIME 30:34)

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Katelyn - Cum in my mouth please!

10.03.2016 14:36 Minuten Blow Job
Katelyn - Cum in my mouth please! 1
Katelyn - Cum in my mouth please! 2
Katelyn - Cum in my mouth please! 3
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Katelyn is a new amateur with huge natural tits and a hot mouth. She can certainly suck a cock and loves it when guys spurt off right in her mouth. She takes a mouthful in this scene and drools it out all over. 

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Anna Stark is horny 20 yo. nympho from Wisconsin who has always dreamed of being in porn.  So, she picked me to try her first official porn shoot.  As soon as I met her, I could tell she wasn't nervous about her porn audition.  In fact, this girl could not wait to get naked, suck cock and get fucked even though I was the oldest guy she had ever been with.  She wanted to fuck as much as possible so I fucked her as hard as an old guy can in all the positions until I could stand it no longer and blew my load in her waiting pussy in a dripping creampie.  For security, she brought her boyfriend along, so I just handed him a camera and made him get all the good shots of me fucking his girl.   I love my job! (running time 51:59)

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Marie Fullbush wanted to do something special for a big fan of hers named Albert.  So she used his name throughout this video as we get good POV on her sucking my cock before giving us a great view of her hairy pussy as she rides cock.   After some fun missionary, she plays with a vibrator in her ass wanting my cock in there.   But when I saw that beautiful hairy pussy pointing back at me doggystyle, I knew I had to fill it with my jizz in a dripping creampie! (Running Time 24:51)

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Jessica Tight - Stranded Traveler Fuck 2
Jessica Tight - Stranded Traveler Fuck 3
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Jessica Tight is a hot blonde from Michigan who is in Chicago on business.   Her flight home has been cancelled and she has no hotel room for the night.   Our man Derek comes to her "rescue" as he offers to let her stay in his room.  Too bad there is only one bed and she only has some hot lingerie to wear.   After getting a glimpse of her perfect tits and gorgeous ass in that lingerie, Derek is thinking about fucking instead of going to bed.   Apparently Jessica has the same idea as she wastes no time sucking on Derek's cock before getting fucked in various positions.  She gets rewarded with gobs of hot cumall over her hairy pussy.   Something tells me there wasn't much resting the rest of the night in that room!  (running time 32:43)

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