Ginger fucks her lawyer 1
Ginger fucks her lawyer 2
Ginger fucks her lawyer 3
Ginger fucks her lawyer 4

Ginger is trying to divorce her asshole husband and needs a lawyer to do it. She hires Dan, a well known divorce attorney to handle her court hearing the next day. Unfortunately, she has no money to pay his initial retainer. So, Dan decides to "take it out in trade" by making her suck his cock, followed by lots of hard fucking. His law partner stops by and decided to join in for a bit and cums in her pussy. Dan can't hold back any longer and unloads lots of cum on her pretty face.

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January 03, 2012 14:15 DirtyDog ★★★★★ Great the way Dan talks dirty to her and gives it to her hard. Need more old guy MMF threesomes - this was awesome! Would have been even more awesome if both had let loose inside her instead of just the one. But still one of my favorite clips on this site.
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