Olivia Redd - First Old Cock

2017-11-1032:48 minutesOlder Man Younger Woman
Olivia Redd - First Old Cock 1
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Olivia Redd is a hot redheaded slut from Wisconsin who had previously tried a fun girl-girl and 3some shoot with Aubrey Lee.  At that time she was unsure about getting fucked by a guy 2 1/2 times her age.  But after a little coaxing, she changed her mind and showed up ready to experience older guy tongue on her pussy and older cock fucking her.  After she shows her great cocksucking skills she lays back for old Matt to use his tongue on her.  She changes her mind about older guys quickly and is ready to get fucked. After Matt pounds her missionary and cums on her nice white tummy, she is ready for more.  She rides his old cock good until he pounds her doggystyle and cums again on her ass.  (running time 32:48)

Kira Avon - My Body Makes Cocks Hard 1
Kira Avon - My Body Makes Cocks Hard 2

Kira Avon is a 19 yo. hotty from Indiana with nice tanlines who previously did an audition shoot with me.  Her near perfect tight little body kept my cock hard throughout the shoot.  So, I decided to see if she had the same effect on my friend Larry.  After getting naked and letting Larry slurp her gorgeous wet pussy she took his already hard cock in her mouth before climbing on and riding his big cock.  Larry didn't last long before blasting his cum deep inside her in an oozing creampie!  But after some more cocksucking, she was ready for some more fucking as she looked gorgeous taking it doggystyle and in other positions before Larry unloaded again on her cute tanned tummy.   (running time 26:10)

Andreanna & Kiki - Babysitter Fun 1
Andreanna & Kiki - Babysitter Fun 2

Andreanna Peace had been doing some babysitting work for old Matt so he decided to bring her over to meet his "daughter" Kiki Munroe.  She can't believe her daddy brought her a cute girl to play with so she wastes no time getting her naked and checking out Andreanna's hot little body. After fingering her and using a vibrator on her, Kiki gets herself off and they lay down for a little nap together on the couch.  Old Matt comes home from his business meeting and can't resist playing with naked Andreanna.  Kiki is not to be outdone and shows Andreanna how her daddy likes his cock sucked.  They both take turns on old Matt's cock before he blows his load all over both girls.  Everyone should have a babysitter playtoy like Andreanna! (running time 27:31)

Aurora Rose - Big Tit Virgin Creampie 1
Aurora Rose - Big Tit Virgin Creampie 2
Aurora Rose - Big Tit Virgin Creampie 3
Aurora Rose - Big Tit Virgin Creampie 4

Aurora Rose is a local girl with big natural DD tits who has never done anything like porn before this shoot.  She loves showing off her tits and once we had her top off, it was pretty clear that she was up for anything.  Watch her fuck and suck her way through blow job's, tit job's and a creampie finish. (RUNNING TIME 27:46)

Lala Ivey - 18 yo. Caramel Cutie First Porn 1
Lala Ivey - 18 yo. Caramel Cutie First Porn 2
Lala Ivey - 18 yo. Caramel Cutie First Porn 3
Lala Ivey - 18 yo. Caramel Cutie First Porn 4

Lala Ivey was your typical good girl student in high school. You know, the kind that is in all the clubs, gets good grades, etc. Her old classmates would be shocked if they saw her now! First she learned she really loves sex as well as being naked off her perfect round butt and gorgeous tits. She also discovered she loves getting paid to fuck on camera! Even though she had done a few private shoots and a few video clips, she had not done a full video for a website. So, I had her do my standard NMG audition and she is now one of my favorites. This girl could not wait to suck cock even though I am over 3 times her age and boy is she good at it! She also loves to ride cock and she is good at that too! She loves creampies too so I had to oblige her by filling her young 18 yo. pussy with old man sperm. Watch for more of Lala Ivey on here! (running time 35:43)

Jessie Jizz -  18 yo. High Schooler First Porn 1
Jessie Jizz -  18 yo. High Schooler First Porn 2
Jessie Jizz -  18 yo. High Schooler First Porn 3
Jessie Jizz -  18 yo. High Schooler First Porn 4

Jessie Jizz is your typical horny 18 yo. with a very cute smile and a thick youthful body.  Being adventurous, she wanted to try porn and had no problem that she was auditioning with a guy over 3 times her age!  When this was filmed she was finishing her senior year of high school and had just been to her senior prom a few days before as you will see from the bruises on her chest from rough sex.   After picking her up in her small Wisconsin town, she wasted no time showing me her pussy in the car.  So we stopped at a park and snapped a few pics before heading to the hotel to shoot.   What this girl lacks in body perfection, she more than makes up for in absolute enthusiasm for sucking and fucking!   After lots of cocksucking, she was ready for old cock in her tight 18 yo. pussy.  It didn't take long before I unloaded my old man sperm in her pussy in a dripping creampie.   After fucking in all positions and getting another cumshot out of me she didn't want the shoot to be over.  Watch the impromptu quick fuck at the end as proof of this.  If you are an older guy, just fuck a fresh 18 yo. like Jessie and you will feel young again! (running time 52:00)

Daisy - Big Tit Creampie

2017-07-1442:52 minutesOlder Man Younger Woman
Daisy -  Big Tit Creampie 1
Daisy -  Big Tit Creampie 2
Daisy -  Big Tit Creampie 3
Daisy -  Big Tit Creampie 4

Daisy is a tall long-legged hottie with BIG natural tits who wanted nothing more than to take some pictures with her clothes off.  Once she was posing wih those big natural tits out, things really heated up and she did it all including some incredible oral action, titty fucking, and a huge creampie finish.  Wait till you she her long legs up in the air and spread wide taking a hard cock in almost every position possible until she gets creamed.     RUNNING TIME 42:52

Dulce Cherry - My Creampie

2017-07-0738:06 minutesOlder Man Younger Woman
Dulce Cherry - My Creampie 1
Dulce Cherry - My Creampie 2
Dulce Cherry - My Creampie 3
Dulce Cherry - My Creampie 4

Dulce Cherry is a hot little piece of ass who grew up in New Jersey and this girl LOVES to take off her clotes.  Good thing for us, she's sporting a set of all natural 38D tits and it doesn't take her long to pull them out.  Once she gets her clothes off, she's ready to do it all.  Watch this big tit, curvy little slut suck and fuck her way to a creampie filling. (RUNNING TIME 38:06)

Alex Chance - Big Titty Creampie 1
Alex Chance - Big Titty Creampie 2
Alex Chance - Big Titty Creampie 3
Alex Chance - Big Titty Creampie 4

Alex Chance happened to be at the NJ eXXXotica show with her 36DDD tits and we just could not resist but to get this big tit slut into a hotel room, get her tits out of her shirt, and get her sucking and fucking.  Alex show off her huge tits in this scene with lots of bouncing and great shots of her mammoth natural tits while she gets fucked and used into a messy creampie (RUNNING TIME 30:34)

Lux Lisbon - First Black Cock

2017-06-2325:04 minutesInterracial
Lux Lisbon - First Black Cock  1
Lux Lisbon - First Black Cock  2

Lux Lisbon is a hot long legged tall blonde from the East Coast.  She is anxious to make a name for herself in porn.  So she figured the best way to show off those gorgeous long legs of hers is to have them in the air while getting pounded by a big black cock.  She does not disappoint as she looks very hot sucking hard black cock before getting pounded in several positions and taking a nice cumload on her pretty face in a dripping facial.  (running time 25:04)