Chelcee - Barely 18 First Porn

2015-07-15 48:11 minutes Older Man Younger Woman
Chelcee - Barely 18 First Porn 1
Chelcee - Barely 18 First Porn 2
Chelcee - Barely 18 First Porn 3
Chelcee - Barely 18 First Porn 4

As I was grabbing a t-shirt to wear on a warm summer day, I realized I have old rock concert shirts that are way older than Chelcee, our newest naughty midwest girl.  Chelcee had just turned 18 a few months ago and graduated high school.  Not sure what to do with her summer, she decided to try porn.   When I saw how young and cute she was I thought there was no way she wanted anything to do with an old pervert like me and told her I was a little unsure about her comfort level.  When we met at the door and she grabbed my cock I started to think otherwise.  And when she popped her bra off and let out those absolulutely PERFECT 34C tits, my guilt went away.   She had told me she had a bit of a fetish for much older guys, but I was a bit skeptical.  But, when I felt how wet her tight young pussy was, I realized it might be true.  Looking down at this cutie with my cock in her mouth, it didn't take long to blow my load on her cute face and mouth in a dripping facial.   After fucking in several positions she got two more cumshots out of me.  I think the class of 2015 has a bright future taking care of their elders!.    (running time 48:11)

Izrah Indica - Lil Izzy Grew Up 1
Izrah Indica - Lil Izzy Grew Up 2
Izrah Indica - Lil Izzy Grew Up 3
Izrah Indica - Lil Izzy Grew Up 4

Izrah Indica is applying for a job in Chicago with Matt's company.  Little does Matt know that Izrah is little Izzy that used to sit on his lap in his office when she came in with her father.  Izzy also has grown a gorgeous set of big tits and loves to fuck.   She shows old Matt how she still wants to sit on his lap and make his cock hard.  After showing off her boobs she wastes no time in showing her great cocksucking skills.  She wants to secure this job and have fun with old Matt so she rides his cock good before taking a pounding doggystyle.  He finally plows her young pussy and gives her a nice dripping creampie.  Lil Izzy sure grew up to be a very naughty girl!.    (running time 33:56)

Kendra Lynn - Dirty little office girl 1
Kendra Lynn - Dirty little office girl 2
Kendra Lynn - Dirty little office girl 3
Kendra Lynn - Dirty little office girl 4

Kendra Lynn is your typical horny 20 year old girl.  She has to dress conservatively as she works in an office all day.   She fantasizes about fucking her older boss but can't muster the courage to make it happen.  So, instead she decides to try porn with our guy.  After he interviews her and finds out a little about her she gets naked and plays with her pussy.  She then shows her great cocksucking skills and can't wait to get fucked.  After pounding her in several positions he lets loose a nice big load all over her cute face and glasses.  I think when her boss sees this video he will want to fuck her on his desk!

Bailey & Allie -  Two Cocksuckers Better than One 1
Bailey & Allie -  Two Cocksuckers Better than One 2

Bailey and Allie are two hot girls who are good friends and like to try crazy things together.  So why not try a porn shoot together!  Our lucky guy Derek gets to experience these two hotties trying to outdo each other showing off their cock sucking skills.  Bailey also likes to show how her big tits will fit nicely around a cock.  After stroking and sucking cock fervently, Derek delivers a nice load on both of them with a nice facial on Bailey.    (running time 27:31)

Mimi Farra - Fun with 2 old cocks

2015-05-17 Mimi 30:34 minutes Older Man Younger Woman
Mimi Farra - Fun with 2 old cocks 1
Mimi Farra - Fun with 2 old cocks 2
Mimi Farra - Fun with 2 old cocks 3
Mimi Farra - Fun with 2 old cocks 4

Mimi Farra wants to show her appreciation to old Matt for getting her porn work so she sucks and rides his cock good. But she also wants to show her appreciation to a devoted fan so she sucks his cock too. Matt fucks her doggystyle while she is sucking cock in some hot 3-way action. After Matt cums in her pussy, her fans wants her to try a footjob on him. Mimi strokes his cock very nicely with her pretty feet in some hot footjob action until he cums on her toes.

Dimond Lily - First Porn

2015-05-07 26:46 minutes Older Man Younger Woman
Dimond Lily - First Porn 1
Dimond Lily - First Porn 2
Dimond Lily - First Porn 3
Dimond Lily - First Porn 4

Dimond Lily is an 18 year old struggling college student interested in trying porn to make some extra cash.   There is only one problem.  She is a lesbian and doesn't like cock.   She had just a little limited experience with boys in high school and has never had a cumshot on her.   So, how did I initiate her into porn?  Fuck her and cum on her of course!  With the help of her friend Kiki Munroe, she got over her shyness and nervousness and got naked to show off her cute 34C tits.  This was the only boy/girl video she did.  Maybe lesbians are not supposed to like getting fucked by an old guy?.  (running time 26:46)

Aubrey Lee - Teen Spirit

2015-04-15 Aubrey Lee 34:02 minutes Older Man Younger Woman
Aubrey Lee - Teen Spirit 1
Aubrey Lee - Teen Spirit 2
Aubrey Lee - Teen Spirit 3
Aubrey Lee - Teen Spirit 4

Aubrey Lee really shows her Teen Spirit as this 19 year old slut fingers herself, sucks cock, and fucks her way into being an East Coast Cutie.  Aubrey has that cute girl-next-door look and that little impish smile.  Then she takes a hard cock in her mouth and shows her young slutty side.  When she spreads her legs and shows off that gorgeous pussy, you can't help but think of sticking your cock in it!    

Emily - Creampie my girlfriend

2015-04-01 35:37 minutes and 113 images Older Man Younger Woman
Emily - Creampie my girlfriend 1
Emily - Creampie my girlfriend 2
Emily - Creampie my girlfriend 3
Emily - Creampie my girlfriend 4

Emily is a hot slut with a long time boyfriend.  Her boyfriend thought she was hot enough to do porn so he brought her to our guy Derek for an audition. After showing how cute she looks sucking cock it is time for her to get fucked.  Emily is a little quiet and shy but you can still tell that she is enjoying some different cock for a change.  Her boyfriend is watching in the background and can stand it no longer and decides he must join the action.  So, he gets his dick sucked by her while she is getting fucked doggystyle in some hot threesome action and soon he blows his load all over her perky tits.  Then he settles back and watches her ride Derek's cock until he fills her pussy with cum in a throbbing creampie.  Every boyfriend should share his girl like Emily's did! (running time 35:37)

Ariel Snow fucks her bosses to keep her job 1
Ariel Snow fucks her bosses to keep her job 2
Ariel Snow fucks her bosses to keep her job 3
Ariel Snow fucks her bosses to keep her job 4

Ariel Snow is a hot slut who loves to party a little.   She has a good job working for old Matt and George's company.  After she gets too flirty at a customer reception and gets the attention of some of the customers wives for her sluttyness, she is about to lose her job.   So, if she is about to get fired for being slutty, she figures why not REALLY be a slut and try to save the job.  She wastes no times sucking and stroking both old cocks before they both have fun sampling her pussy.  Matt fucks her while she sucks George's cock as she coaxes two cumshots out of him.  There is nothing like ensuring some job security! 

Lexi - Extra Service Babysitter

2015-03-03 Lexi 21:11 minutes Older Man Younger Woman
Lexi - Extra Service Babysitter 1
Lexi - Extra Service Babysitter 2
Lexi - Extra Service Babysitter 3
Lexi - Extra Service Babysitter 4

Lexi is a 19 year old petite cutie from Wisconsin.  She has done babysitting for old Matt before and actually liked the extra "services" that he expects.  Little does he know that when he arrives home she wants some of his old cock.  After sucking his cock she can't wait to feel his older experienced tongue on her young pussy.  After he has her writhing from a good pussy licking she is ready to ride his hard cock.   He finishes her off by laying her back on the bed for some good hard missionary pounding.  (running time 21:11)